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Natural Cure for STD

There are many natural remedies, sold in the forms of medicines by medical companies worldwide. They tag them as medication and earn lots of money through their sale. They do not allow anyone else to do it either because it will be bad for business. Some medical practitioners take part in it but some do […]

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Vietnams unkown Deadly Skin Infection

Vietnam’s health authorities will seek foreign assistance to deal with a resurgence of a mystery skin infection that has already killed 19 people in the central region and terrified villagers, state-run media reported on Saturday. The disease was first reported between April and December last year, with doctors unable to identify the cause and it […]

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How to avoid Dengue fever

Dengue Fever is much well known to all of us and the tremendousness of this disease is so devastating. It is caused by infected female Aedes mosquito. Dengue is also known as Break Bone Fever. It is viral fever . 2 types of Adese infected fever are- dengue fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or Dengue […]

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