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We write about the new flues and pandemic that spread around the world. You can always be sure to find the latest information about a new flue or other dangerous around the world.
We try to write fair and balanced and let our readers make up their own mind we do not try to convince anyone to take a certain medication. We do not have a boss that tells us what we do but we try to serve the public good.

Flu Pandemic wants the readers to know what the doctor is talking about and question what the doctor is subscribing you.
Flu Pandemic is for generic drugs and wants everybody to have good health care and access to good medication. The big drug companies can afford to be generous with people that cannot pay for real medication.

If you want us to write about some special subject when it comes to flu, diseases or pandemics please send us an email; you can also send us your own stories.
We will publish most of the things our readers send us but we keep the copyright and we will link back to you if you wish.

If you want to use something written on our blog you may do so but only if you link back to us using the words “flu Pandemic”