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How to avoid Dengue fever

by on 27/02/12 at 9:16 pm

Dengue Fever is much well known to all of us and the tremendousness of this disease is so devastating. It is caused by infected female Aedes mosquito. Dengue is also known as Break Bone Fever. It is viral fever . 2 types of Adese infected fever are- dengue fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or Dengue Shock Syndrome .These mosquitoes get born around stagnant or clogged water near home. The best way to avoid getting dengue fever is to avoid getting bitten by these mosquitoes. Though there are some prevention of this disease but A dengue fever vaccine is in development. Still we don’t have dengue remedy treatment.
So we have to know & follow the following matters:
Removing standing water sources- we must evacuate or empty buckets or pots containing old water. If the water cannot be drained, add some bleach or medicines to kill mosquitoes.
• All containers having water must be closed with tight cover or lid.
• All the barrels or water containing pots must be cleaned at least once a week.
• Old water containers that are unused- like tiers, coconut shells, bottles, etc must be
• Need to Keep water pots clean or dry once a week.
• Must Change water from flower pots at least once a week
• Surface well must be continued to avoid dengue germ to be incepted.
• Clear rain water clogged on terraces/roofs once a week.
• Mosquito net or other prevention must be used to get rid of dengue bearing mosquitoes.
• No need to remain outside reasonless to avoid mosquitoes.
• If you need to go outside where mosquitoes are on a large numbers, then mosquito net or
other body safety must be used.
• Apply permethrin to your clothing, shoes, Spray aerosol outside and in well ventilated
areas to avoid inhalation.
• Try to remain in such residency where the mosquitoes are not so much available.
• Must go to your doctor if any simple symptom is found.

If we want to save our life from this terrific fever then we must take some step. We should waste that space where Aedes mosquito can born. Don’t keep any weed, open water where Aedes mosquito can live and born. Keep clean around home. Use mosquito net at sleeping time. Net also can use in window naturally mosquito enter in home through window. In this case, Prevention is better than cure should be inside in our mind.

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