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Natural Cure for STD

by on 27/06/12 at 11:04 pm

There are many natural remedies, sold in the forms of medicines by medical companies worldwide. They tag them as medication and earn lots of money through their sale. They do not allow anyone else to do it either because it will be bad for business. Some medical practitioners take part in it but some do not.

Medical companies such as Astra will only take part in such an endeavor only if there is a profit involved. Even if someone tries to come up with a natural remedy, they will most often be sued for using herbs found in other products or buried with heaps of formalities to be cleared out, discouraging all who try to come to the market.

It sometimes is funny to think that you will have to go through a disclaimer in this book before using herbs found in your backyard. Even though you may not find all the answers to your problems regarding STDs and STIs, we could all look towards Mother Nature to provide answers instead of killing her slowly.

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